Pinterest Marketing Tips for 2019!

As a blogger you’re going to notice that Pinterest is your best friend. Its one of the best ( & easiest) ways to drive traffic to your website & getting more eyes on your content & usually leading to more sales. I’ve always loved Pinterest all recipes and DIY inspo + cute outfits, I used to spend hours just pinning & creating boards, planning out my dream life. It wasn’t until recently that I stumbled upon the Pinterest for business world and how it can really help you grow your blog and email lists.


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So lets start with the basics:

  • Switch your account to a business account
  • Apply for Rich Pins (so important)
  • Fill out your profile
  • I started my account in April and it has already grown so much! But check out my bio, its clear who I am, what I do, & who I do it for.
  • So let people know who you are in your bio
    • Use a photo of YOU as your profile picture
    • Claim your Website & other social media accounts
    • Delete unused boards
    • Create boards that are relevant to your niche, so if you’re a food blogger say goodbye to your makeup board (or make it a secret board)
  • Set up a Tailwind & Canva account

I know you’re next question probably is “well what do I pin?”

It’s important that you are pinning quality pins to your boards. You only want to pin things that add value to your audience & will get a lot of engagement. Pinterest is now part of your business so treat it like one, pin from a fellow trusted blogger or things that you think your followers will benefit from. The goal is for you to be the “go to “ person within your niche so your followers need to trust that you’re only showing them high quality stuff.

*Bonus tip: Check where your pin leads. . . Nothing is worse than finding a blog post you cant wait to read and it be a dead end.

Pin within your niche

One of the most important things you can do is niche down your account. Like I mentioned above if you’re a food blogger and are pinning makeup stuff your audience is going to be confused & probably unfollow you.

Pin to Group Boards & Tailwind Tribes

Group boards let you share your own pins and in return you get a ton of new eyes on your content. You can find group boards by searching the niche you’re looking to pin, hitting “boards,” and then looking for boards with the group symbol. Click that board and in the description, it tells you how to join and any rules the board has.

 Tailwind Tribes work the same way. You search for “tribes” within your niche, request to join and you can pin your own pins into the tribe which leads to more eyes on your stuff.

  • A general rule for both tribes and groups are you have to pin other peoples stuff.

Pin A LOT!

This is where Tailwind comes in, there are a ton of other things you can use I just prefer Tailwind because I can use it for Instagram as well.  Here is a link for $15 credit i am not getting paid to promote this  but who doesn’t like free stuff?

I generally pin at least 50 pins a day and a quarter of them being my own. The beauty of Tailwind is that you can schedule your pins so you don’t actually have to sit on Pinterest all day.  It’s a great way to stay active and get consistent traffic (which is how you grow and stay relevant)

Creating your Pins:

This is where Canva comes in, it’s a great tool to make your own pins. Its free and super beginner friendly. I typically make 3-5 pins for each blog post and see what works better. You can also make templates to save time anytime you want or need to create a pin.

My main 2 pieces of advice are to

  • Create at least 5 templates you can just change the photo & title when needed
  • Make the VERTICAL so it doesn’t get lost


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Now is the fun part! You have everything set up so watch those views pour in. I typically spend 10- 20 minute on Pinterest everyday and my traffic has grown and keeps growing daily.

Ill do a follow up post on more specifics and extra tips but for now if I missed anything let me know below! Happy Pinning!