What are the job duties of a Social Media Manager?


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Now that you know a little bit about what a Social Media Manager (SMM) is and why a business or entrepreneur would choose to hire one (What is a Social Media Manager? article if you missed it!), you’re probably asking what does a Social Media Manager actually do & what can they do for my business. So today I am going to look a little more in depth at what a SMM is responsible for when they get hired & a few skills they should possess in order to be successful.

The Basics

As I mentioned before, a Social Media Manager does so much more than just the obvious running social media accounts and leaving emojis . They curate content, handle scheduling, help with customer service, set up profiles, create strategy and handle research , create social media ads/ ad campaigns, and so much more. Today, let’s focus on just three of them to give you a better outlook at the SMM job.

Customer Service & Communication

An integral skill for a Social Media Manager is communication, basically engaging with your customers and possible clients . You don’t have to be a wordsmith, but you must be able to effectively communicate yourself and the brand you’ve been hired to promote. You must be able to get people engaged and talking. Creating posts or blogs that are well written, possibly funny, but that generate interest in your business is an integral part of being a Social Media Manager. Not only that, but a recent study showed that 67% of customers said that they prefer to use social media to ask questions and get help with problems that need a timely response. As a Social Media Manager, one of your responsibilities could be to answer those questions and help with the problems that arise and do so, in a timely and effective manner.

Ad Campaigns

Social Media Managers are also responsible for designing, running, and managing social media ad campaigns. They also need to be able to analyze the feedback for the ads they create and be able to tweak as needed. Unlike traditional ads run in print or on tv, social media ads must be catchy and engaging because they are competing for attention directly with posts from the user’s friends and family, so they need to be able to stop the viewer from coming. Social media ads are a word-of-mouth form of marketing, and as such rely heavily on the client they are trying to attract. According to a 2015 study, social media ads were listed as one of the top 2 priorities of marketing strategies for businesses, and because of that, 70% of businesses planned on increasing spending in that area. Being able to create effective and engaging ads that stop the client from scrolling is a very important duty of a Social Media Manager because a successful ad campaign can directly drive the profits of a business.

Curating Content

Being able to drive interest to a business’s page or website is the most important part of the job of a Social Media manager & most likely your #1 priority. You don’t have to have a degree in graphic design, but you do need to be able to create branded images that speak to the ideal client of the business that hired you. Fun fact: a recent study stated that posts with graphic images of some kind had 94% more views than posts without. On Twitter, posts with graphics had 18% more clicks and on Facebook they had 120% more engagement than those without. Not only that, but it is shown that people remember 65% of a post with a graphic and only 10% of one without. The more people remember about your ad, the more they will talk about it which creates more traffic to your business’s site and hopefully more profits.

Now that we have explored a couple of job duties of a Social Media Manager, you can see just how a Social Media Manager can alleviates a ton of stress for a business, can free up quite a bit of time for the owner to focus on their business, & can help drive profits. In other words, they are a very important member of any business team!


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As a business owner or entrepreneur would you hire a Social Media Manager to alleviate some of your work load?

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