The Balancing Act


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Hello there! So I am new to the blogging world. . . as in this is like the fourth or fifth post that I have published and I still cant figure out how to start a post.

Anyway, I took last week off for personal reasons. I had such an off week and I think it was because we had such gloomy weather all week in Maine and it just put me in a weird funk & I could barely function. My goal with this blog is to not only show you the ins and out of starting your own VA or SMM business but also be completely transparent in how ive come to this point and how I make it work for me and my life. I want to be as honest as I can with you guys and truthfully sometimes its not easy and that’s why I chose to take the week off to focus on myself & do lots of personal development to get in the right headspace. On the plus side I found a new Podcast to binge and lots of home decorating done (hello new countertops).

So today I figured it was the perfect time to give you a “behind the scenes” look  of how I balance my life as a Social Media Manager, Mom, Wife, and everything in between. But first I want to give you some sort of introduction since I haven’t done that yet. So obviously I am a wife & mom to a 4 yr old & 2 fur babies, originally from TX now in ME. My background is in the medical field and when we moved, I realized that it was not in my plan to work your typical 9-5 while my son spent his days in daycare and never seeing my husband. I stayed home for 2 years and when it was time to get back to work I ended up in childcare (which I loved) and I took over a small preschool for a year and a half, followed by a Beachbody “career” that was shortly lived. . . & this is where I discovered my love for the social media world and the behind the scenes of building a business and helping other business owners learn how to use Social Media to their advantage.

Ive talked about Time Management and Time Blocking but I want to dive in deeper and talk about a few things I swear by & I know have made an impact on my business.

Wake up an hour earlier than normal. . .

not my favorite, but hear me out.

This is probably the single most important thing I do that I swear makes a HUGE difference. Notice that when you are abruptly woken up by a toddler or whatever else you have going on you start your day being rushed (grumpy) and the day only seems to get more chaotic. Waking up an hour earlier will change that. Use that hour for YOU! Drink your coffee, workout, read a book, whatever you want but make sure its for you. The point is to use this hour to work on yourself and do something that will basically help you not go crazy -> self care.

Create a schedule & STICK to it

Start by setting your work hours. I know its hard to set your hours as a freelancer & work from home mom but its so important to set boundaries with your clients, so you don’t get burned out.

Here’s what my day typically looks like:

7:00am Wake up

8:00- 10:00 client work & check ins

1:00pm -2:00pm check emails & SM accounts

8:00pm- 10:00pm end of the day client work

Sometimes ill hop on social media throughout the day & I have set days usually T & W that I work bigger chunks because my husband is home, but I try to disconnect thru the day & only focus on hanging out with the kiddo.

Plan! Plan! Plan!

Like I said T & W are when I get most of my stuff done because I have someone else to care for my very energetic 4-year-old. I take full advantage of it & plan out my week, write blog posts, schedule content, etc etc.

Those 3 things are complete game changers in balancing being a Work at Home Mom/ Social Media Manager.

Here are a few BONUS tips I like to follow too:

-> Tackle your most important tasks when your energy is up.

-> Have a designated work space.

-> Get dressed for work (just because you work from home doesn’t mean you need to wear pajamas all day)


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Balancing life as a social media manager/ virtual assistant & working from home isn’t easy and it’s not going to happen overnight (sadly). Its all trial and error and learning from our mistakes, but its possible! & so worth finding balance to save your sanity.

What does work life balance look like for you?