How to create a Social Media Calendar.

Have you ever logged on to social media to post something & your brain just draws a blank? Or you have a great idea but don’t know the best way to post it? Or the worst. . . you hate trying to figure out what to post because it overwhelming?

Today I am going to show you how to QUICKLY make a Social Media calendar & best of all I am giving you my content calendar from last month that you can easily tweak to fit your needs.

Lets start off by discussing WHY your business needs a Social Media Calendar.

Best answer: Makes your life 100x easier & keeps you organized

A social media calendar keeps you in line to post with a purpose. The biggest mistake you can make is posting just to post something & lets be real no one has the time to sit around posting something to get zero results. So, the calendar build consistency and therefore builds relationships with your followers because you are posting engaging/ relevant things.

Lets jump in. . .  first you’ll need to decide where your planning will take place. I’m a paper & pen girl, when I have it all planned out I make a Trello board. You can use Excel, Goggle Doc, an actual calendar, etc.  Whatever you want to use you just have to be able to fill it in.

What are you promoting this month?

Do you have any events coming up or any special content you need to put out there? .

These dates/posts are always the most important so make sure you look over your personal calendar and fill out these dates first on your SM Calendar. For example I publish my post every Friday so obvi that is one of my content ideas & every Wednesday I “advertise” & make a post about the upcoming blog.

Figure out why you’re posting?

There are 5 little basic “categories” you want to be posting to get the best engagement.





-Behind the Scenes

The goal is to build a relationship with your followers, this is why its so important to post with a purpose!

Last but not least: SCHEDULE!

  • After you have everything planned out you can make it pretty like I do in a Trello board or skip this step and start gathering your content. Are there any graphics you need to make? Or any specific photos you need to take ahead of time?
  • & FINALLY! You can schedule out your content I like to do it weekly in case I need to move things around. I like to use Tailwind & Planoly for Instagram. I usually post on Facebook 1x/ wk so I just schedule that on the actual page.

& that’s it, pretty easy right.


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