What is a Social Media Manager?

Since i started this new business venture i have been getting non stop questions about what it is I do now. . .so last week i talked about what a Virtual Assistant is & today im going to go in a bit of a different direction and go thru what a social media manger is and what we do. Im going to make it short & sweet and answer the 3 basic questions.

Why should you become a Social Media Manager?

What does a Social Media Manager do?

How much does a Social Media Manager make? & where to find clients?

What skills do you need to start your own Social Media Management business?

Why should you become a Social Media Manager?

Before we jump in and discuss what a Social Media Manager (SMM) is, lets dive into why you should become a SMM. . . Now a days everything is moving into the online world meaning companies need to have a social media presence to attract their target market & ultimately make money. That also means that most entrepreneurs don’t have the time to run all social media accounts and their business, that is where we SMM come in. We get paid to alleviate the workload and manage social media platforms for businesses and entrepreneurs, leaving them with extra time to run their business successfully.

Businesses now rely on social media to attract customers in order to make sales and reach potential clients. However, it takes tons of time & hours that a business owner doesn’t have & this is why they hire freelancers and people like you to manage social media marketing tasks.

What does a Social Media Manager do?

Besides the obvious task of running social media accounts here are a few more tasks a SMM can do:

Content Creation                                             


Customer Service                                            

Setting up profiles

Strategy  & Research                                    



Community Growth

Group Admin                                                  

Group Admin

These are just a few of the basics a SMM can do, but as always it depends on what your clients needs and what you specialize in.

How much do you make? & where do you find clients?

The beauty of being a Social Media Manager is that you are your own boss. . . you get the luxury to work from home, set your own hours, & more importantly set your own prices. You can charge a flat rate, hourly, one-time fee, or packages. It is entirely up to you, ballpark SMM can make anywhere between 22k- 100k+ a year all dependent on your skills and expertise.

You can find clients several ways the easiest is just like finding your VA clients. . . you need to Network and find who your ideal client is. Another way is to advertise yourself to small business and pitching your skill set. Its entirely up to you and whatever you are comfortable with.

What skills do you need to start your SMM business?

Although social media is more of a self-taught skill you still need at least some basics to get you started. The obvious knowledge of all platforms, great grammar, project management, time management skills, great customer service, and most importantly the willingness to learn. The social media platforms are always changing and the best way to figure it out is to jump in and run your own accounts.

So there it is, the basic run down of what a Social Media Manager is & what they do. Let me know down below if you have anymore questions. See you next week!


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