What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant? & what do they do?

Do you need a degree as a Virtual Assistant?

Is it a legit job? Do you get paid?

How do you get started?

How do you find clients?

All questions I get regularly & although I am no expert I figured I would break it down. Funny enough this freelance career is growing but there are still plenty of people who don’t really understand what a VA is. . . my husband included. So today im going to break it down for you and hopefully put your mind at ease.

What is a VA? & What do they do?

Many people look at a VA as your typical secretary. I can’t deny that it’s partially true,  in SOME cases we do perform some of the traditional tasks associated with being an admin at your local business. In most cases though your VA is probably a “Jack (or Jill) of all trades” doing a little of this and a little of that to support your business from behind the scenes.

However, the list of services that a VA offers is never ending because we each have our specialty or things we enjoy doing, and as your own boss you can decided what skills/ tasks you offer to your clients.

->Customer Support

->Project Management

->Website Design

->Graphic & Content Design

->Calendar Management


->Content Research


->Data entry

-> & so much more

In one definition a Virtual Assistant is anyone who offers services to other business owners ONLINE and remotely thru a contracted position.

Do you have a degree as a Virtual Assistant?

This one is a little harder to answer. . .  Honestly you don’t need a degree, but you do need a experience. Your clients are trusting you to help run their business so when they outsource work they are often times looking for someone who can work independently because they know what they’re doing.

Example, you don’t offer or promote yourself as a “web designer” when you have no clue how to even use your basic website templates.

This isn’t meant to discourage because chances are you may not have all the skills that a specific client needs but good news! Some (most) clients are willing to do training for the right person. I just suggest atleast having some sort of knowledge mainly so you as a VA feel confident to out yourself out there.

Is it a legit job & do you get paid? How much?

YES! YES! YES! As a VA you are considered a freelancer or independent contractor, so you are your own boss. You offer your clients a set of different task (services)  you will perform and of course get paid for the work you do.

Like I said you are your own boss so you set your rates so how much you make depends on you. There is a few options on how to set your pricing.

Hourly: $20- $70 per hour

->Pretty self-explanatory

Packages:  X amount of work for X amount paid

->Typically you have a few packages you offer where you specify exactly what you will doing for a set price


->These would be a one-time job and very similar to your packages pricing

So depending on what services you offer and what your client needs YOU can price accordingly.

How do you get started?

Just do it! Step out and talk (advertise) to people around you, let them know this is what you do.

If you’re like me you need steps and a guideline to get you started,  so here you go :

Choose your business structure.

Narrow in your services

Decide your pricing structure.

Launch your website and create your online presence (can be just an FB page)

Start pitching and networking.

*MOST importantly BUILD relationships

The main this to keep in mind is that you have to put yourself out there and start networking, get to know your ideal client and figure out what they need help with. So just start!

How do you find clients?

I probably sound like a broken record by now. . . you find clients by NETWORKING!

Figure out who your ideal client is & what they need then start pitching.

A few things you can do to get started are set up your social media accounts, blog, talk to local business, and network in FB groups.  Stay consistent and don’t get discouraged.

Virtual Assistant jobs are growing in popularity due to the benefit of working from the comfort or your home and clients like that you are not an employee. It can be a very rewarding to help other entrepreneurs grow their business.

Next week ill dive into a very specific job as a VA. . . What is a social media manager?


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