How to Manage your time. . .

Its no secret we are all busy! . . . Trust me I get it. I’ve done it all from working fulltime, running a preschool, online fitness coaching, working part time, & now working from home building my business. Let’s not forget all mom & wife duties! With a husband who works an opposite schedule as you and a very demanding 4-year-old it doesn’t leave much “free” time & definitely no time to waste. So, using my time wisely is very important because realistically we are all busy, but we have time to do all the things & most importantly work towards your goals. . . we have 24 hours to be exact! Its just figuring out where we are using that “extra” time, but that is a whole different topic for another day.

Today I want to focus on Managing your time like a BOSS! With my 4 (maybe 5) fool proof tips & a few things that may be ruining your groove.

Lets jump right in with Step #1: USE A TASK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM!

There a ton of free options out there. Trello & Asana are 2 of the most talked about and my personal favorite is Trello. So easy to use + its free and its great for big projects & to keep you in check and organized.  You can also use your phone calendar, my days typically look the same so I everything is on my calendar & its linked to just about everything else so it makes my life 100x easier and makes sure I don’t double book or miss anything.

I wouldn’t suggest using paper (unless your super organized) because it tends to get “messy” and things can get lost in the sticky note/ notebook chaos.

Step #2: TIME BLOCK!

Like I said we are all busy, but this is where you make the best out of the time you do have. I for example dedicate 4-5hrs a day to building my business & on the days my husband is home I have the option to schedule 8+ hrs. I typically don’t but its nice when I have deadlines I want to meet or do an extra client call.

7AM-8AM -> emails, messages, networking

1PM-3/4PM -> content creation, brainstorming, emails, & more networking (I do a ton of networking) & most of my client work gets done within these 2hrs

6PM-7PM -> all things social media (engagement & messages)

9PM-10PM -> anything I need to catch up on, especially scheduling my content

Scheduling my time also helps me be present with my family & not constantly be on my phone or laptop. . . after all I started this business to be home with my son, so I don’t want to be glued to a screen all day.


This is where we really focus in & look at our time blocks and set limits.

For Example in the morning when I’m checking emails I set aside 15 minutes for just doing emails, 15 minutes for messages, & 30 minutes for networking. Every single minute is accounted for & that leaves ZERO time to sit around sucking my thumb.

 Ever notice that when you give yourself a deadline you get shit done faster? If I was to just leave it as scheduled time for emails, messages, & networking id probably spend most of my time “networking” . . . meaning scrolling aimlessly thru IG or Twitter. Instead I have a time limit for each task I need to get done, I even use a timer so that I don’t go over my time limit.

Once 8AM hits I am done and its time to wake up the kiddo and start our day.

Little bonus tip!  ALWAYS start your morning at least one hour earlier than the rest of the house, meaning if you wake the kids up at 7 am YOU need to be up by 6 am. (thanks, Rachel Hollis, for this tip)

In all reality on days when my kid wakes me up I get up in bad mood and our morning is 10x more chaotic than when I wake up at least an hour earlier.

Finally Step 4: “SCHEDULE” FUN TIME

I think this is by far the most important step. If you’re anything like me you started your business to be free! I for one don’t want to feel like I’m still busting my behind chasing toddlers around all day at preschool like I used to. I started this business to make my own schedule & be my own boss.

& because I’m such a good boss I make time in my day to do things I enjoy.

Daily I schedule time to work out for an hour, have an uninterrupted lunch where I catch up on Greys Anatomy or whatever I feel like watching. I also take my kiddo outside and when the weather is nice I plan to go to the beach A LOT!

Take the time to reward yourself, YOU DESERVE IT!

As promised here are a few things (I won’t go into much detail) that may be making you less effective therefore hurting your business.

->Not prioritizing

-> Not planning ahead

-> No “fun” time or rewards


-> Saying yes to everything

-> Second Guesses

You are your own boss! You make the rules! Learn to say no or learn to delegate. . .  being an entrepreneur is hard work but its not supposed to be overwhelming.

So no matter what your goals the most important thing you can do is learn to manage your time.

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  2. Great post! I really like time blocking, and have had a ton of success when I do it. I’d never thought to be so specific though. I like it even more! Thanks for sharing these excellent tips and ideas.

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